About project

About project

Krioukov Academy is a summer academy of fine arts for those who are looking forward to studying art in Europe, would like to broaden their knowledge in up-​to-​date art trends, learn more about entry exams requirements in European universities and get real experience of cooperation with art galleries.

Summer academy is based in Berlin – the European centre of modern art, a city full of art galleries with non-​stop exhibitions, a city of leading architectural style and outstanding design. The school is located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, the Montmartre of Berlin which is famous for its 90’s when young unknown and poor at that time painters, musicians, actors started to settle in the abandoned buildings. Since that time Prenzlauer Berg has been rebuilt and renovated. Previously unknown painters now are being exhibited in the most popular and expensive international galleries.

Studying process at the School of Fine Art and Design, 2018

Krioukov Academy is one of the projects of the School of Fine Art and Design in Berlin. This school is a private school of continuing education founded in 2003 by a modern painter Andrei Krioukov. The School of Fine Art and Design in Berlin offers various courses for both children of all ages making the first steps in drawing and also for those students who are going to become professionals and are looking for the sources of new art techniques and inspiration. The graduates of the School work successfully as independent painters and teach art disciplines.

More about the School of Fine Art and Design in Berlin

Studying at Krioukov Academy will be useful for:

  • Those who have already taken their first steps in fine arts, e.g. have graduated from an art college or studied at an art school and who would like to continue studying art at some American or European university, e.g. UDK Berlin, and need to create and/​or expand a good portfolio.
  • Those who would like to broaden their education and experience through a series of masterclasses of up-​to-​date trends in modern art with European painters and designers.
School of Fine Art and Design 2018